Logbook Servicing

To maintain the peace of mind that comes with a new car warranty, regular logbook servicing is often a necessity. Many drivers believe that these logbook services must be done where you bought the car, but a reputable workshop like Little Sam's can conduct your logbook services without the hassle of returning to the dealership.

We perform logbook services and other new car inspections on a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars to light commercial vehicles, whether they're petrol, diesel or LPG powered. Contact us if you'd like to organise a booking.


If you plan on selling your car, or re-registering a lapsed vehicle in Victoria, you will first need to have it inspected by a licensed vehicle tester like Little Sam's and have it deemed roadworthy. Our VicRoads approved safety check covers your vehicle's:

  • wheels and tyres
  • steering, suspensions and braking systems
  • seats and seatbelts
  • lights and reflectors
  • windscreen, and windows including front wipers and washers
  • vehicle structure
  • other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine

We can also perform similar inspections for a used vehicle you intend to purchase, or for your own car ahead of a long drive. Contact us if you'd like your vehicle checked out.


Your brakes are both your vehicle's most important safety feature, and your vehicle's most wear and tear prone area. Your brakes are put under a tremendous amount of strain, especially in the stop-start nature of city driving, and poorly maintained brakes can result in an accident.

Little Sam's can repair or replace your brakes, from brand name brake pads, discs and drums to the machining of new parts specific to the needs of your vehicle. We can also service your anti-lock braking systems. To find out more about how we can prolong the life of your brakes, contact us today.

Clutch & Transmission

If your vehicle's having trouble changing gears, or if there are strange noises or smells coming from the front of the car, it can be indicative of trouble in the vehicle's gearbox or transmission, which can be expensive to repair if not caught early.

We can inspect your transmission, along with your entire drive train, for problems before they develop. We can also check your vehicle's differential, ensuring smoother control through corners. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Air Conditioning

Driving your car in Australia means a properly working air conditioning system is vital to cabin comfort. While your air con would get a lot of use through warmer summer months, the cooler months usually see it used far less - this can lead to cracks and leaks developing in the valves and hoses, meaning your air con isn't ready for the next summer.

We can service your air conditioning system, patching up leaks and replacing damaged hoses and valves as required. We can also re-gas your air conditioning system, keeping your car nice and cool.

If your car isn't as cool as it could be, contact us for an air conditioning inspection.

Suspension & Steering

Badly performing steering and suspension can create problems in many other areas of your car, from increased tyre wear and poor ride comfort to unresponsive handling and damage to your vehicle's undercarriage. 

We can repair your steering column and other related components, and fit a new set of shock absorbers for improved ride comfort. For tighter control on the road and reduced tyre wear, we can also perform wheel alignments.

If you suspect a problem with your steering or suspension, contact us.


Different vehicles and different drivers require different tyres, to maximise the life of the wheels and provide optimum handling and vehicle control in different conditions. 

We can supply, fit and align tyres from our wide range of suppliers, from wet weather tyres for performance in typical Melbourne conditions to semi-slick tyres for improved grip on a track day.

Find out more about our range of tyre suppliers by contacting us.

Engine Services

The engine is the heart of your vehicle, and a poorly maintained engine can drastically affect your vehicle's performance. We can perform a range of engine services, including:

  • engine rebuilds
  • engine reconditioning
  • head gasket repair and replacement
  • common rail diesel engine servicing
  • fuel injection systems, including EFI
  • fuel pumps

Contact us to organise a booking.

Auto Electrical

As cars become more sophisticated with a greater range of electronic components, a properly functioning auto-electrical system is more essential to your vehicle than ever. 

We can diagnose and repair faults in your car's electrics, solving lighting and indicator issues and bringing SRS, ABS and power steering systems back to working condition.

If you're having electrical trouble in your vehicle, give us a call.

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